What is lingerie

Lingerie is a French term, referring to women's undergarments. The word 'lingerie' is very feminine and denotes excitement, sensuality and elegance. The word lingerie does not point towards the dull collection of everyday underwear but captures the feminine, fashionable and adventurous essence of all women. Lingerie is the most intimate wear of any woman, and often becomes a secret expression of her innermost feelings. No wonder women of today are attracted to a glittering array of lingerie styles, colors and textures.

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All lingerie is machine made but some specialty shops offer hand-sewn items. Some even design lingerie to your specifications. It is very common to have wedding, honeymoon and anniversary lingerie designed.


For the modern woman, lingerie should be perfect blend of comfort and style. It should be made from functional and soothing fabrics like cotton, hosiery, silk and satin. Lingerie can be categorized into many items. Thongs are alluring and one of the fastest selling pieces of lingerie.

What to buy

Panties, also known as briefs, knicks and smalls, are popular lingerie. Camisoles are pretty and charming underwear. Slips, either half or full, are generally made from satin or charmeuse. Bras or brassiere, are one of the most intricate pieces of lingerie.